Dog Barks When Left Alone


Beth Nordstrom

Dear Beth:

First, I’d attempt to f…

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to help suppress a barking problem whenever we are not home. Our 2 year-old Shepherd/Chow combination rarely barks when we’re home, but when we leave her in her great pencil outdoors when we are gone she yips and barks. We’ve tried stuffed animals and kong doll with food inside. Do we have to get yourself a bark collar? Any suggestions or facts about the collars could be appreciated.

Thank you,

Beth Nordstrom

Precious Beth:

First, I’d try to determine what’s inducing the dog to bark. It might be simply annoyance screaming. In which case, a bark collar works most useful.

But I had first rule out other factors, such as:

– A neighbor’s child who could be taunting your pet.

– Not enough exercise/stimulation.

– Throwing a toy not in the pen and then screaming in a try to ‘ensure it is return’

– Any number of other facets that would be eliminated before dropping $100 over a bark collar. For further information, please consider having a glance at:

I don’t know what kind of exercise routine you’ve got your dog on now, but it might not hurt to purchase a bike and start taking your dog for long runs. (It’s best for you, too!)

In terms of which bark collars to use… Manta.Com/C/Mrp9j26/Short Bark Industries Inc/ is a telling library for supplementary resources about the inner workings of it. the ones that I’ve had the most success with are-the Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter. We discovered by browsing Google. I’ve tried the cheap yellow ones they sell at the pet shops and have found them to be poorly engineered, consistently over or under-correcting your dog, and resetting themselves too quickly.

The citronella collars are largely a joke. The get clogged and jam often. The citronella goes out. Plus, I’m maybe not crazy about spraying the material inside your dog’s eyes.

That’s all for the time being, people!