Important Report- Chris Oyakhilome’s Disciple Propagates the Gospel by Christ Embassy, Nigeria

Incredible Information; November 2016 Nigeria

Our Christ Embassy, Widenign the reach of the Gospel to every area of the world is now the fuel burning in the hearts of members of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum. These youths have received, by their participation at the Healing School, in the Spirit of God, the Word and total dose. They’ve become living epistles and boats of God’s glory.
With this consciousness and mandate, 17-year-old Alyssa Conte, took the great news of God’s restoring hope and saving power to the Nigeria with the reason for establishing at liberty all those oppressed of the devil.
In the course of acquiring souls, she visited the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Dwelling, a shelter for unattended kids. Quite a few them accepted Jesus as Savior and their Lord and the kids, teenagers and staff in the home accepted the free copies of the daily devotional with excitement, they were quite grateful for the chance to be recipients of so much love.
The lives of many in the Nigeria have taken an alternative turn and the impact of the change will certainly be felt through the country, even for very many years into the future.

Christ Embassy
The Forum has provided continuous inspiration, mentoring and training for these youths, giving them a platform to influence those in their spheres of contact and beyond.
GYLF members organised a Youth Leaders’ Conference in Pune, India. Dig up additional resources about high quality beloved christ embassy by navigating to our commanding portfolio. It was a day to behold, with many more participating via live stream across different centers in Pakistan, India and Nepal, as hundreds of youths trooped into the place.
The convention began with the most uplifting worship that catapulted those in attendance into a kingdom that was different, and prepared their hearts to receive from God. Browse here at the link christ embassy to study the inner workings of this concept. Following this, the regional youth leader for Asia, Sydney Fernandes, gave a welcome speech and called for those present to give their full attention because God would start something superb using them.
With a ready heart, they listened to a message by Pastor Chris, titled, ‘How to Win for Jesus Christ’, and the guest speaker, Pastor Isaac Agarwal, further expounded on the value of life and the need to take on the responsibility of direction in the house of God and in the society.
It was an encounter of the total manifestation of the presence of God, as the youths were inspired and awakened by specific amounts, every ministration – dancing presentations and testimonies. Clemencies and God’s love became more real to them, leading many to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus Christ when the altar call was made.
Really, their lives have already been transformed forever and, like never before, they’re ready to spread the news of salvation to everyone. After the conference, an attendee from Pakistan, Stephan Munawar, commented, ” I will be not ungrateful to God that I was a part of it and I prayed earnestly for this Conference

The need for fitness and healthy living cannot be overemphasized. The Trauma Care International Foundation, carrying out their plan to encourage absolute wellbeing organised the Health for All program for members of local communities that were selected, at no cost to the participants.
At the commencement of this system, Dr Ena Tobor, gave a short lecture on healthful living and motivated the people to make changes with their daily lifestyles, to improve their wellbeing overall. If you believe any thing, you will probably wish to read about research holy christ embassy. Individuals who participated were beneficiaries to blood pressure evaluation, free body mass index assessment, and blood sugar screening. The TCIF team went further to engage the participants in a free medical consult with assistance from experienced medical employees, dispensing drugs that were free to individuals who needed them.
Residents in the community expressed their gratitude to the TCIF team for {bringing the plan to them and helping improve their standard of living and healthiness|bringing them the program and helping enhance their standard of living and healthiness|helping to improve their quality of life and healthiness and bringing the program|helping to improve their standard of living and healthiness and bringing them the plan|bringing the program to them and helping to improve their quality of health..Christ Embassy
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