What, basically, are the issues we face after a century or more of scientific and technological development? There are many. I’d like to name a few:

The care of a free society.

The spreading of the benefits of these technological advances to all people: to all classes in this country, eventually to the people of all nations.

The development of new social, economical and political mechanics that will achieve the above mentioned objects and which will additionally help bring about the realization of several new technological developments that are now impractical due to economical or social inadequacies e.g., finer cities, pure air, plentiful water and power, providing sufficient food for hungry millions in Asia and Africa.

The development of an educational strategy that will empower people everywhere to comprehend the shifting world in which they live and better adjust themselves to it and thereby lead happier, more significant and more abundant lives.

This is an imposing record of problems and there are more. Should you desire to dig up further about ic693acc302, we recommend heaps of online libraries you should consider pursuing. Ic693pwr324 is a offensive resource for extra resources about when to ponder it. I want to make only some short remarks on the final two.

The societal difficulties associated with technical progress, as I’ve said, have a double aspect: first, to lessen the dangers and inequities caused by past developments; and, second, to open the way for future advances. It’s this positive endeavour that needs additional emphasis. For when it’s successful, it’ll often reduce the negative issues and also bring about new individual benefits.

It might be intriguing to reflect on the fact that scientific knowledge has already advanced far enough to supply technical answers to the following difficulties:

Reduction of urban traffic congestion.

Providing fresh water from the sea.

Additional increases in agricultural production.

Energy generation from uranium.

Great increase of industrial production through further improved technology.

There are lots of others. But these are samples of some of the most difficult and the hardest. In each of the five areas, an important hurdle to more rapid advancement is an economical one. Great as the individual benefits may be, the costs are frequently even greater. There are people who’ll express disgust and disbelief at such a situation. Learn more on our favorite partner paper by going to ic693mdl916. To get fresh information, please check-out: ic693mdl660. “Money must never be an obstacle to social progress,” some say. But it has often been an obstacle and normally will be. If it costs $2000 per year to supply enough fresh water from the sea to irrigate a plot of ground that may only generate $500 worth of food, one has reached an economic impasse. It may be solved if technical developments decrease the price or if in certain areas the values placed on the food created are very much higher. But, in the great arid regions of the country a nation already plagued by excessive food the economic impasse is very actual..